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Catching Up the Great Opportunity of OPT Pellet

Most of the palm oil plantations have entered the old age and need to be rejuvenated by replanting. The number of palm oil trunks so much that it needs to be processed so as not to pollute the environment while providing benefits. Production of oil palm trunk pellets (OPT pellets) is the best way of processing these oil palm trunks. Potency of oil palm trunk pellets (OPT Pellet) which can be produced as much as 12 million tons. While the need for wood pellets is also very large, ie globally 50 million tons/year, while for Asia, especially Korea and Japan alone ranges 20 million tons / year, while for the domestic market needs are also quite big which currently have reaches hundreds of thousands of tons/year with a tendency to keep increasing. After the palm trunks are collected from the plantation then the OPT pellet production process can be done. The high moisture content of the palm trunks becomes a challenge for the production of OPT pellet. Pre-treatment to reduce the moisture c…

Wood Lump Charcoal and Sawdust Charcoal Briquette For Export Markets

Wood lump charcoal and sawdust charcoal briquette are two types of wood charcoal products. Wood lump charcoal comes from pieces of wood, while sawdust charcoal briquette comes from sawdust. Sawdust charcoal briquette is more in demand by the export market than lump charcoal because of its advantages, which is more solid, ie twice the density of wood so that the flame or burning time is longer and also saves transportation costs, uniform size and shape making it easier in use and packaging. Sawdust charcoal briquette is usually hexagonal and octagonal with a hole in the middle for easy burning. While lump charcoal has irregular shape like the raw material. Middle East countries and especially Saudi Arabia are the countries that use the sawdust charcoal briquette in large numbers that is mainly to grill the sheep as favorite dishes there. And Turkey is a country in Europe that also uses a huge sawdust charcoal briquette to cook their various meat dishes.

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