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Surplus Conditions, Why Import? Does Not Make Sense!!!

It is common practice that a country always protects its domestic products. Developing and increasing the quality and quantity of domestic products is one of the country's responsibilities in the economic field. It is strange and implausible when a country has a surplus of certain products, but on the other hand it imports similar products. This, of course, besides damaging the economy also directly affects the producers. The easiest example is in food or agricultural products. As an agricultural country producing rice when the surplus is clear, there is no need to import. Rice produced by farmers is not bought as well as sugar cane and so on, if at the same time a surplus such as a harvest is imported similar products. This is an economic murder for these farmers.
When the market goes increasingly liberal, the chances of cheating are also getting bigger. It could be that a country makes a hoax that discredits certain state products to protect the country's products. Especial…