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Global wood pellet demand to reach 50 million metric tons by 2024

By RISI | September 04, 2014
Global wood pellet demand is rapidly expanding as consumers, businesses and regulators look for alternatives to fossil fuels. Globally, wood pellet demand is projected to grow from an estimated 23 million metric tons in 2014 to 50 million metric tons in 2024. These and other key findings were released in a new study by RISI, the leading information provider for the global forest products industry.

"It's a really exciting time to be looking at the wood pellet market. We're seeing strong demand in the European heating sector as high energy prices drive consumers to look for fuel alternatives. Also, policies that promote the generation of renewable energy are spurring the use of pellets as a substitution for coal in power plants," said Seth Walker, author and bioenergy economist at RISI.
"Additionally, Korea and Japan are beginning to enter the market, creating a greater impact on global trade flows. Right now we're …

Sectors of Pellet Fuel Usage

As a source of energy or wood pellet fuel or pellet fuel can be used in small-scale such as the household to large-scale on power plants. Both quantity and quality pellet are the parameters in its use in relation to equipment that is used. Basically from small-scale to large scale on the use pellet fuel especially related to efficiency factor, easy in operation, safety and gas emission impact (eventhough wood pellet include as renewable fuel that enter the category as carbon neutral) while the use on large-scale the qualityfactor of pellet got a serious attention. Technology that was used to utilize the wood pellet is almost all use combustion technology (direct combustion) to get output in form of heat or electricity.

In small-scale the use pellet fuel for mainly in the four season countries for room/space heating, even for this sector needs premium quality of wood pellet for pellet stove. Pellet stove has not yet been familiar in Indonesia because the wood pellet also still very di…

In Madura, Pioneering an Eco-Friendly Firewood

Bangkalan, East Java. Irham Rofii stands out from your run-of-the-mill Muslim preacher, even here on the island of Madura, off the coast of Surabaya, which is home to a bevy of high-profile clerics and their Islamic boarding schools.

Irham also runs a school, but with a difference: He is known as a “green pioneer” in his community and, most recently, a biomass energy champion.

“It used to be overheated here in Madura. Now you’re arriving here drenched in sweat, but in the past we were scorched [by the sun],” the 48-year-old says, recalling how dry and barren the subdistrict of Geger in Bangkalan — one of four districts in Madura — was just a few years ago.

Irham took to planting trees in the area, which was a challenge given how nutrient-poor the soil was. Soon after he took charge of Darul Ittihad, the Islamic boarding school his father had founded, Irham began using his influence as a local religious and community leader to encourage residents to follow suit in planting…

Environmental Aspects of Wood Pellet Plant

Reed Pellets Untapped Potential

Although reeds is classified as grass types of entering grade 3 in biomass fuels due to its properties. But if the amount abundant and has not been utilized, it becomes a great potential to be processed into  pellets fuel. Thousands hectares of Reed such as in Borneo, Indonesia can be further processed for the production of pellets.

Due to high content of silica which makes abrasives that are not friendly to the metal with the high compression in densification that is needed special metal material that is more resistant for the ring die and roller. It also needed a thicker die to process material type grasses to increase compression (friction), the contribution to deliberate more lignin and finally to improve the quality product. The low of lignin content on the type of biomass also make necessary modifications in the process in pelletiser . The thickness of the die, pressing time, pressing temperature and pressure, will help improve the quality of the reed pellets without the need f…

Why Choose SRC Energy Plantations Than Palm Oil Plantations?

Optimization The Pelletiser Perfomance