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Origins of the Wood Pellet

Wood Pellet and Briquette For Food and Beverage Industry

Fuels as an energy source in the food and beverage industry is the primary need is always required.  Environmentally friendly fuel, easy handling, cheap and easily available always wanted by the producers of the food and beverage industry. The biomass-based fuel, pellets and briquettes are the ideal choice for those needs it. The advantages of pellets and briquettes are: 1.Environmentally friendly fuels and renewable 2.High calorific value is generally more than 4000 kcal / kg 3.Low ash content and minimum fly ash when burned 4.Consistent high burning efficiency due to low moisture content 5.High density thus saving transportation costs 6.Uniform shape so as to facilitate the transportation, storage, feeding and burning 7.The burning  is more homogeneous than coal 8.Pollution is very low due to the sulfur content of nearly zero 9.The more demanded because of the increase of fossil fuel

A number of industries have done the conversion from fossil fuel or firewood with burning of pellets or briqu…

Scenarios of Forest Waste Utilization

Forestry wastes in Indonesia is very large amount and need to be utilized optimally. There are currently largely untapped. Multiple scenarios are proposed according to the characteristics of the forestry wastes, market needs and technological processing.
Biomass densification technology such as pelleting and briquetting is one interesting scenario to be implemented.Pellets and briquettes visually distinct because of its dimensions. The dimensions of wood pellets with a diameter varying between 6 and 25 mm and an average length is around 40 mm, while the diameter of its products if more than 25 mm is referred to as briquettes. By utilization of forest waste into briquettes is more advisable, because the size of the particle from size reduction, moisture content, and ash content of less restrictive requirements in briquette making. As for pellets particular A1 class  pellets (premium pellets) must use stem wood and do debarking. A1 class pellet or premium pellet are pellets with the low…