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Wood Pellet For Green…Green World!

The growth of human consciousness as a result of environmental degradation in the form of climate change and global warming fostered efforts to reduce the magnitude of the environmental damage. Sources cause damage to the environment due to human greed through economic activity to exploit nature excessively. Humans should be the manager of this nature wisely instead of vice versa due to short-term interests and lust. The growing awareness of the need to be maintained and are arranged so that led to concrete efforts. Without clear rules and binding activity of all human beings on earth, the impossible nature of the improvement will be done well.

We are witnessing today a variety of companies that the state wants to be recognized as a company or a country most concerned in environmental issues and  no exception, Indonesia . That way they compete with its Go Green program such as CO2 Reduction and the like. With such recognition generally they wanted a special place among consumers or th…

Wood Pellet Production With Integration of Degraded Land Use For Energy Plantations, Cattle and Biogas Resources

There is a huge demand of wood pellet and on the other hand also the extent of uncultivated land in a number of places in Indonesia potentially be used for energy plantations with an output is wood for raw material of wood pellets. Currently estimated at more than 6 million hectares of unused land in Indonesia. While forage on plants short rotation species such as gliricidae and calliandra be useful as animal feed  of the cows. For every hectare is expected to be a source of cattle feed by approximately 6 tails. If there are 5000 ha of degraded/unused land it will produce around 100,000 tonnes of wet wood as a source of raw material of wood pellets and maintain 30,000 head of cattle. A large number of these cows potential as a source of biogas to meet the energy needs of the business itself.

The roots of the plants short rotation species is able to bind nitrogen that enrich the soil fertility. The root is able to perform a symbiotic relationship with bacteria in the soil, ie Rhizobiu…

Global Market Competition of Wood Pellet

Massive wood pellet demand mainly from South Korea as the primary market has encouraged the growth of wood pellets wood pellet industry in Southeast Asia. Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand and Vietnam are the countries that responded positively to the demand of wood pellets from the South Korea. The growth of industrial wood pellets in each country is different speed depending on the readiness of the industry, the availability of raw materials and ease various other business support facilities. Although Indonesia is slow to respond to the demand of wood pellets, but in fact Indonesia has a tremendous opportunity to lead this industry due to the potential availability of abundant raw materials from waste-wood waste and cultivated by making a energy plantation.

The extraordinary potential in Indonesia is ogled by Korea to increase the volume of exports of wood pellet to Korea, which means that the growth of industrial wood pellets should be accelerated. The greater the demand and lack of su…

Cost to Benefit Ratio at the Wood / Biomass Pellet Plant

Wood or biomass pellets plant have a vital role in the production of wood or biomass pellets. Target production with standard quality and stable can only be achieved if the wood or biomass pellet plant working optimally. The use of high quality machines is one means that the production process is running optimally. Some criteria to assist the selection of machines for wood or biomass pellet mill, among others:

1. It has been proven and tested, in terms of quality and quantity.
2. Ease of operation and maintenance.
3. Ease of start-up until a stable production.
4. Durable and stubborn, so rare in problem and effective for production in the long term.
5. Meet the rule "3 x 3" that these machines have been used in 3 different places with operating time of more than 3 years.
6. Reliable after-sales services such as ease of obtaining spare parts and auxiliary materials other processes as well as a quick solution if at any time there is a problem in plant operations. Even had the…