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PKS For CFB Powerplant

The fluidized bed combustion (FBC) technology is not new since it has been used since 1960 to burn city waste and industrial waste. After proven successful, then made more than 300 units worldwide. The advantages of this technology are higher fuel flexibility, high efficiency due to good mixing, relatively low combustion temperature so as to minimize the problem of ash deposits due to melt and the use of small excess air, also increasing the efficiency and reduce the resulting flue gas. FBC technology is suitable for large capacity that is above 20 MW. In the development of this technology is divided into 2, namely bubbling fluidized bed (BFB) and circulating fluidized bed (CFB). In general the difference is not much, such as fuel size, unit construction and air-fuel ratio. PKS (palm kernel shell) or palm shell is more suitable for CFB powerplant because its size is less than 4 cm. The power plants in Japan in particular, which use PKS or palm shells as fuel because they use this CFB…

Biomass Densification: Cocopeat Become Cocopeat Block

Biomass densification technology is not only used for energy sectors such as the popular today, namely pellets and briquettes, but also other sectors. Densification of cocopeat or cocodust into block or briquette was the main use not for energy, but for the planting media or agriculture. Cocopeat block is basically also briquette, because its size is bigger than pellet. With cocopeat that has the ability to hold high water and also fertilizer, so its use can be a solution to food problems. A good planting medium will produce good plant growth as well as the harvest. The less fertile land can be repaired with the cocopeat. Cocopeat block with the cube shape, then all compaction or briquetting technology can be used to manufacture the cocopeat block. The production process of cocopeat block is also the same as wood pellet and wood briquette. In general, the size of cocopeat block is quite large, such as 20x20x20 cm, so most use hydraulic type press machine. When using a screw press mac…