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Finding The Best Treasure From Energy Plantation Implementation Part 4

Although grazing specificallymentioned in the Qur'an as the Sunnah of the Prophets, but unfortunately thatgrazing is not studied in detail in this country on the faculty of farms, agricultural faculties, and the faculties of the Qur'an and Hadith, consequently the grazing techniques become undeveloped and our meat production is low, so it must be imported although the best potential land with huge area we can find in this country. In general there are 2 garzing methods today: grazing precision and rotational grazing. Precision grazing is done on pastures that which has been precisely measured feeding requirements for the sheep based on the extent and condition of feed or grass at the site. The location can be  also planted with various other crops, for example grazing in vineyards, in apple plantations, coconut plantation, rubber plantation, in mango plantations, oil palm plantations, energy plantations and so on. In precision grazing like mentioned above there is an effort t…

Market Condition of Biomass Fuel

Indonesia has enormous biomass production potential because of its tropical climate, and extensive land. Biomass fuels from Indonesia which are now exported are wood pellets and palm kernel shells. Wood pellet production is still low in the range of 80 thousand tons / year, while the palm kernel shell is quite high at around 10 million tons / year. Both types of biomass fuels are mostly for export while in domestic is not yet widely used. Why the domestic market itself has not used much of both types of biomass fuel? This is because people are still dependent on fossil fuels, namely LPG gas to cook households and coal in the industrial sector. The government policy to increase the use of renewable and alternative energy needs to be encouraged so that biomass energy is increasingly used. As for the export market, the need for biomass fuel needs is greater and projected starting in 2020 will increase sharply. For palm kernel shells (pks) buyers are Korea and Japan. Currently there are …

When Shepherding As Dowry

One of the two women said: "My father took him as a man who worked (for us), because indeed the best person you take to work (on us) is a strong man who can be trusted." (QS Al-Qashash: 26)

He said (Syu'aib) : " I intend to marry you off to one of my two daughters, on the basis that you work with me eight years and if you have ten years then it is (a favor) of you, then I will not weigh you down, and you will insha Allah find me the good ones ". (QS Al Qashash: 27)

"And He grows the grass" (Surah Al A'laa: 4)
The story of Moses who helped two women and then invited Moses to meet the father of the two women. Then, since Moses had a strong body and trustworthiness, one of the women suggested his father, the Prophet Shuaib, to be taken as a worker. The Prophet Syu'aib not only accepted Moses to be his worker, even intended to marry one of his daughters to Moses on condition of working with him as a shepherd for 8 or 10 years. Inspirational and exe…

Wood Pellet Production Is The Best Option For Indonesia

Knowing the historical background, the potential and characteristics of a nation will facilitate effective and efficient policy making for the nation. But if only imitate from other nations without considering historical background, its potential and its characteristic hence can be sure that policy will be taken also not effective and efficient. How often our nation imitate the economic progress of a nation, but do not pay attention to three important points above, so the result is also not optimal. Every country has its own character, so we can not follow the model of economic growth of other countries blindly. For example: we go along with the economic growth of industry and services, as developed countries do, while the agriculture and forestry sectors have become scramble of other countries. So are the mines and natural gas, while for petroleum we even a importing country.
The neighboring country, Singapore which is a small population and the land is small also, of course, an int…

Wood Pellet Demand Crawling Up?

The fall of wood pellet market some time ago is also greatly influenced by the price of oil. The low oil price touched $ 30/barrel in early 2016 also lowered the selling price and demand for wood pellets. This condition even to shift the position of wood pellet as the cheapest fuel for the heating sector. At that time the energy price per calorie of oil which is a liquid fuel better quality and much in demand cheap, so that solid fuel that lower quality and less desirable also become cheaper. There are even many industries switching to using oil fuels than before using solid fuels such as coal. Wood pellets as one of the solid fuels (although from renewable sources) are also affected by the world oil price, because of the basis of calculating the price per calorie or heat of the fuel.

After almost 3 years of oil prices falling gradually, the current price of oil has risen drastically at the price of $ 70 / barrel. Some analysts say if crude oil prices more than $ 63 / barrel then the…