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Racing for Lowering The Temperature Of The Earth (Part 2)

Biomass as 'carbon neutral fuel' certainly does not stand alone as a great scenario to lower the temperature of the earth due to global warming by greenhouse gas emissions. Advantages of biomass as a renewable energy source because  stable in use, in the sense that is not affected by climatic and weather conditions into a product that is reliable in various scale applications. Efforts to optimize the potential of biomass as an energy source can be viewed from the supply side to use.

On the supply side, the assuredness of supply of biomass as a raw material is an absolute must if you want to use as a primary energy source, for the amount of effort from collecting a variety of waste biomass that was originally only disposed to look for species with a short rotation coppice (SRC), high productivity and a positive effect on nature with is made energy plantations. One of these plants is Calliandra to the tropics, while in sub-tropical regions such as Europe using poplar and willow…

Biomass Pelletisation Process and Maintain Stability Wood Pellets Production Plant

The characteristics of biomass will determine production processes including die shapes and characteristics of wood pellets product. Woody biomass is the most common and popular biomass of the biomass pelletisation. Die shape can not be common or generic for all types of biomass because it has its own characteristics. The efficient pelleting process will be produced pellets product with the amount of powder or fine which is very little, that is meaning almost all the particles of the material that is fed into the pelletiser converted into pellets. Judging sequence of processes that occur in the pelletiser, the biomass will have the following things before finally formed into pellets.

A number of materials from a particular timber, there is an expanding again when exiting from the pelletiser or in general the compaction equipmnent. This phenomenon is more easily seen in briquettes because it was bigger than pellets. This happens because these materials absorb more air from the atmosphe…

Enter the Global Wood Pellet Market

In fact the massive growth of wood pellets derived from the encouragement of a number of policies in Europe, more specifically the electricity business in the UK. In 2020 the world consumption of wood pellets is estimated at 22 million tonnes. Two power plants in the UK are 100% use wood pellets that Drax and Eggborough, requiring 10 million tons annually. Other major needs are wood pellets from Western European countries, especially Italy. While in Asia, Japan and Korea are the two countries most widely consumed wood pellets. Whereas in 2024 the production of wood pellets is predicted to reach 50 million tons globally.

Canada is one of the main producers of wood pellets which supply the needs of some countries above. The extent of the forest so abundant source of raw materials that make Canada one of the main producers of wood pellets. Russia is the other major country which began producing wood pellets. The extent of forests and abundance of raw material resources make Russia compar…

Potential Mapping the Wood Biomass To Energy

When the need for renewable energy from wood biomass greater, then at a certain level of wood biomass derived from wastes sawmills, or industries wood processing and so be insufficient so that it is necessary other sources are able to fulfill this purpose. Energy plantation or forest by type of short rotation coppice or SRC is the best scenario for the purpose. While this is still very much forest in Indonesia is available when used for the manufacture of energy forests or plantations, such as in the schematic below.

Detailed mapping to identify a variety of things that needed to be urgently needed because it will be linked to the size of the investment for the manufacture of energy forests or plantations. Remote sensing via satellite, aircraft, hot air balloons and the like is one of the stages to get the detailed mapping. The location of the energy forest or plantations had previously been determined, and the remote sensing of the various more detailed information will be sought, s…

EFB Pellets Great Potential in Indonesia and Malaysia Has Not Been Taken

Wood pellets are still occupying the highest grade biomass fuel than biomass pellets fuel from other than wood. This is because its combustion properties are better than others. But as the magnitude of the biomass energy needs,  it is necessary to look for some other alternatives. Palm oil empty fruit bunch (EFB) is a potential raw material for pellets. Currently, Indonesia is the biggest palm oil producing country, especially crude palm oil (CPO) in the world with an area of palm oil plantations of more than 7 million hectares and hundreds of palm oil milss to process the palm oil fruits. Palm trees require warm temperatures, sunshine and high rainfall, so that only some parts of the world can do that, those are Asia, Africa and South America. Palm oil production is dominated by Indonesia and Malaysia with an amount between 85-90% of world palm oil production. Empty fruit bunches itself is a waste of CPO production which are numerous and today generally untapped.

Another factor drivi…