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Utilization of Air Pressure For Biomass Drying

In the process of production of wood pellet and wood briquette, dryer has an important role due to regulate the moisture content before compacted (densification). Almost all wood pellet and wood briquette factories also use a dryer to keep the quality and quantity of the production. Today most of the drying of biomass using heat from combustion flue gas directly (direct heating) and a fraction using the heat of combustion indirectly (indirect heating). Of course the main concern is the issue of effectiveness and economics. Drum dryer or a rotary dryer is the most common type of dryer and popular because it proved capable of drying a large scale economically. Several types of dryers are also widely available and developed at this time with a variety of characteristics. The availability of a number of options also allow users or the industry to make their choice if they wish to withdraw and not fixated on one option only.

One type of dryer that started appearing on the market that take…

Become the Major Player of Wood Pellets in Asia and the World

The world production of wood pellets in 2013 amounted to 22 million tons, and by 2024 is projected to be at 50 million tones. The European market for the year is projected to more than 30 million tons and the Asian market is projected to more than 15 million tons. Judging from the global energy mix, fossil fuels still holds the largest share of about 80% in the next 15-20 years, as well as in the national energy mix Indonesia based on PresidentialDecree No. 5 of 2006 on National Energy Policy. Although it is not holding the largest share of renewable energy, particularly biomass showed a significant increase over time. Factors such as the environmental crisis and the energy crisis had been the main thrust of the increase in renewable energy, particularly biomass, which is slowly making history repeat itself.
To be a leader or major player in the wood pellet Asian regional level to the global world, it is not impossible for Indonesia. The grace of Allah SWT be on average 11 hours per …

History Repeated Back In The Field of Biomass

Biomass and wood in particular have been known and used very long for an energy source. The wood is burned to produce heat that can be utilized for human life. The utilization of biomass including wood also became a main source of energy when fossil fuels has not been found or exploited. When fossil fuels become a major fuel source as it is today, then the fuel from biomass is reduced. Conditions such as this makes oil-producing countries have a strategic role in the international arena. Energy is in many ways identical to the petroleum fuel, because its role is vital for human life today.
When there is a state of war, including World War II, namely in 1940 and the Yom Kippur war in the 1970s, many countries experienced an energy crisis that forced them to develop a range of alternative energy. Biomass as a renewable energy back received great attention. Biomass as an energy source to produce energy is relatively stable compared to wind and solar are affected by weather conditions. C…