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Korean delegates see wood pellet potential in RI

Abundant forests in Indonesia have the potential to supply Korea with much-needed biomass energy, says a Korean business delegate.  Han Gyu-seong, chairman of Korea Association of Pellet, made the statement before around 50 Korean business delegates during the “Biomass Industry in Indonesia” business forum organized by the South Korea Embassy in Jakarta on Thursday.

Thee forum discussed the prospects and challenges in developing Indonesia’s biomass potential, specifically wood pellets.

The East Asia nation saw an increase in pellet consumption, with 2013 figures estimated at 500,000 tons, compared to 174,000 tons in 2012.

Wood pellets, which can be used to fuel power plants, are compressed biomass deriving from sawdust and waste from sawmilling.

Many forum participants said the energy from wood pellets was “renewable, clean and economical”.

Korea is currently looking for biomass sources overseas, including from Indonesia, as the East Asian country is enforcing a 2012 energy policy man…

Optimization of Biomass Gasification With GCU

There are 3 kinds of thermal processes known so far, namely combustion, gasification and pyrolysis. Differences of the three could be reviewed by the presence of air / oxygen, temperature and the resulting product. Pyrolysis is a thermal process that oxygen / air is very limited or even 0 percent or vacuum. While the gasification air / oxygen is controlled to a certain amount in order to maximize the product gas. While the amount of combustion air / oxygen is made so that all the excess fuel can burn completely.

Gasifier that works between pyrolysis and combustion primarily requires good control over the amount of air intake / oxygen. Feedstock condition, and the type of gasifier will affect the resulting gas products. Controlling with computer will give accuracy process that is generated so that optimal condition can be identified and maintained. This equipment works on the basis of information from the sensors to get the best air-fuel ratio. Gasifier Control Unit (GCU) below which i…

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