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Popularizing Wood Briquette For Renewable Fuels and Environmentally Friendly

Charcoal Production, Marketing and Use

Good quality charcoal will be able to maintain the wooden structure. On lump charcoal, particularly in softwoods, circular structure is clearly visible. Good quality should be solid charcoal, black and have little cracks in a circle. The charcoal will produce like a metallic ringing when is dropped. High humidity of the wood to make charcoal quality decreases due to the onset of many cracks. Likewise when experiencing excessive drying timber so that moisture damage wooden structures, the quality of charcoal also decreases namely fragile and a lot of cracks. Besides high-quality charcoal is also easily burn without odor or smoke. Charcoal is also  hygroscopic, which easily binds water from the air, especially in the rainy season. That is why the charcoal must be kept dry or with pallets in roofed room.

The other main quality parameters of charcoal is a strength, to reduce the loss of material during the loading - unloading and transportation. Species or type of wood has a significant …