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Activated Carbon Production From Coconut Shell and Palm Kernel Shell

Coconut Shell Charcoal and Palm Kernell Shell Charcoal Production By Continuous Process

Indonesia as a coconut plantation owner (4 million hectares) and palm oil (11 million hectares), the largest in the world, was largely the result of the plantation still produces primary processed products such as CPO and PKO on palm oil and cooking oil at coconut. Production of various derivative products based on coconut and palm oil are many and value added is economically much more attractive largely untapped glance, thought much less do. Whereas if it is done it will give more added value, strong industrial competitiveness and of course employment. The extent of the plantations, many fruits, and high production of primary processed its supposed to be thrust towards the processing or production of a variety of downstream products or derivatives. Uneven distribution industry, market access to many types of derivative products, the quality of human resources, infrastructure and business environment that is less supportive of, among others, a number of factors that make the movement…

Calliandra Planting For Soil Improvement Thus adequate Food, Energy and Water