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Take a Look PKS Closer

Most of the PKS (palm kernel shell) are currently only bedded on an open yard (stockpile) for storage. These conditions make it very affected by weather conditions. When the hot weather on the outside of the PKS pile is dry, but the inside is still wet. PKS bed can usually reach a height of more than 5 meters. The higher the bed will be more difficult to reach the conditions inside. When the rain conditions on the outside of the pile become wet, but the inside drier. What happens to the PKS bed in both rain and hot weather?

As an organic material, biomass can also decompose either by physics, biology or chemistry. All biomass is no exception include PKS will decompose over time emmit some toxic gas and reduce oxygen concentration, such as carbon monoxide (CO), carbon dioxide (CO2), and methane (CH4). As a product or commodity to be sold then the decline in quality and quantity due to the decomposition process as much as possible to be avoided. Good handling from PKS collection, clean…

Energy Development Based on Al Qur'an

Allah SWT hinted in the Qur'an Surah Yaasiin (36): 80 and Surah Waqi'ah (56): 71-72 that energy comes from green trees. From this it is very clear where the direction of energy development so that, that comes from the trees, so do not need to be confused with other sources such as grass, vines, plants that float or float in the waters and so forth. Of course, much wisdom and excellence about the source of energy from green trees because Allah Almighty Creator, Ruler, Regulator and Sustainer of the universe is hinted. The fossil energy we use today also comes from plants - millions of years ago. The instructions from Allah who accompanied the planting of trees, were the shepherding among the trees in the Qur'an An-Nahl (16): 10-11, A'basa (80): 24-32 and QS Thaahaa (20): 54 ). In the Qur'an Surah Al An'am (6): 143-144 among eight eight animals in pairs (4 pairs) are two (one pair) sheeps, a pair of goats, a pair of camels and a pair of cattle and sheeps mention…