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Looking Wood Pellet Market In Asia

Wood pellet market growth projections indicate Europe as the main market with a consumption of 25-30 million tons in 2020, about 2.5 times more than the consumption in 2010 of 12 million tonnes. The  countries main producing wood pellet currently are Canada, USA, Sweden and Germany. The United States is the largest producer of wood pellets, but the majority of its production for domestic consumption for space heating (home heating), while Canada as the largest manufacturer of wood pellets after the United States, approximately 80% of production is for export. The big market changes that occurred in the Asian markets of less than 1 million tons in 2010 to about 15 million tonnes in 2020. Global wood pellet production also increased which grow up to 300% from 2012 to 2020, from 16 million tons to 40-50 million tons.

Areas that are able to produce wood pellets with low prices would be a major exporter of wood pellets. Two components that are very influential in the production of wood pel…

Planting Trees For Answering The World Problems

By planting a variety of essential human problems in life can be overcome, namely food, energy and water. These problems currently faced by humans for a variety of environmental damage is also caused by the act of the hands of men themself. There are many types of plants created by Allah SWT  (God Almighty ) in this world, so choose the one most suitable is the thing we need to do. Revive dead land and making it productive so will productive for human life, of course is highly recommended especially when the world is plagued by crises such as food, energy, water supply, including clean air. Currently there are an estimated 1 billion people on this earth who are facing the problem of hunger.  Millions of hectares of land are still abandoned and not used, even globally each year there are approximately 6 million hectares of land or farmland into deserts (desertification) due to the barren and unused. Forest area continued to narrow so it is still very far from the standard minimum requ…

Scrambling Biomass Waste Empty Fruit Bunch of Palm Oil: For Paper or Pellets?

In an effort to optimize the full potential of a number of oil companies are planning to process their wastes that resulting from the CPO production process. One of them is empty fruit bunches (EFB).  Two alternatives are being hotly debated is made pellets for energy and for the paper. Viewed from the business side, if it is profitable so is certainly not a problem for the production of both products. Availability of raw materials into one of the important factors in terms of production and business in general.
Further analysis can be done by looking in more detail in the production process technology, the amount of investment, ROI, environmental aspects, sustainability of core business (palm oil) and benefits of the products produced are a number of factors that will make it easier to eventually choose one. Further know more detail about the characteristics of each business such products will also further increase the stability of both products. In the end, the higher score determi…