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Electricity Production from Trees

Soil microbial activity which decomposes various organic materials so that they become nutrients for the trees and photosynthesis can actually be converted into electricity. The process that occurs is the change from chemical energy to electrical energy. This is similar to the battery process which is a source of chemical energy into electrical energy. Then how exactly is the device that can change the activity of microbes and synthetic photos to become electricity? A Dutch company, Plant-E has proven the concept and applied it to real life. A number of gadgets and street lighting are reported to have used electricity that was converted from activities in the trees.
There is a converter in the form of a positive electrode (cathode; catching electrons or reduction) and negative (anode; releasing electrons or oxidation) that converts the chemical energy into electricity. The photosynthesis process that occurs in plants that produce organic material according to the research turns out n…

Satay and Processed Lamb Meat anytime!

Eating satay and processed lamb meat products is delicious, so how delicious if you can eat it often. Some of our people can enjoy these dishes only during Eid al-Adha. Of course this must continue to be improved because the average meat consumption of the Indonesian population is still low. Even though protein is one of the essential nutrients we really need. And for that lamb meat is the best meat despite many myths that oppose it. In Al Qur'an Surah 6: 143-144, eight pairs of animals (4 pairs) are two (a pair) of sheep, a pair of goats, a pair of camels and a pair of cows. Of the series of livestock mentioned in the verses above, sheep are first mentioned, then goats, camels and cattle. The rules in the Qur'an, the first one has virtue over afterwards. Now, this is where sheep have superiority compared to other livestock mentioned in the verses, although all these animals are halal meat eaten. Other indications of the virtue of sheep can also be found in the Qurban event, …

Large Plantations and Large Farms

Fertilizer problems or soil fertility have always been the main topic or discussion for a large plantation business. This is very reasonable because maintaining productivity of crops can only be done by maintaining soil fertility or providing adequate fertilizer. For this reason, the budget for the supply of fertilizer is always a large portion of the plantation business. Then the condition leads to the question of how to make efficiency or save the fertilizer budget? Of course many techniques can be used for this purpose, but basically the selection or use of fertilizer that is appropriate and the effectiveness or absorption of fertilizer for plants is a key success factor in maintaining soil fertility. Let's try to answer the main question above.
When chemical fertilizers are increasingly abandoned because of their effects which damage the environment, there is no other choice but to use organic fertilizer. In large plantations such as oil palm plantations, basically there are …

Activated Carbon For Gold and Silver Industries

Initially wood charcoal with a surface area around 200 m2 /gram was used to extract gold and silver from the solution. As the development of the activated carbon having a surface area of  1,000 m2 / gram is used for that, of course, also with the increasing efficiency of the extraction. It encourages the production of activated carbon throughout the world. Coconut shell is the favorite material for active charcoal production today, and palm kernel shell is likely to be the next priority.
Activated carbon has a large surface area because of the large number of pores from its surface. The pores are intentionally made to improve the efficiency of adsorption. The more pores are formed the more activated carbon surface area. Based on the size of these pores are divided into macropore, mesopore and micropore. Macropore is the largest pore size located on the outer side or surface of activated carbon and as the entrance material will be adsorbed then through mesopore medium to last to the mi…