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5F Project For The World!

At least there 7F which became an essential material needs of the people throughout the world, namely Food, Fuel, Fiber, Fodder, Feedstock, Fertilizer, and Favor. 7F became the theme of a variety of warm conversation around the world today to be pursued to find a variety of scenarios to solve the problems associated 7F. The problem of food for example, according to WHO, nearly 1/3 of the world's population or approximately 2 billion people suffer from hunger, even in the FAO country report headline sharper again, that there are 60 million people "... go bed hungry every night ..." in Southeast Asia and almost a third in Indonesia or nearly 20 million people, this is certainly a serious problem to be solved immediately. The complex issue because it involves multidimensional human life.

In this paper, at least I offer scenarios 5F namely fuel (energy), Food, Fodder (forage), Fiber (clothing) and Fertilizer to optimize the potential of land or land available in Indonesia a…

Wood Shaving Processing: When Size Being Problems

Wood shaving of barecore mill has a particle size that is big enough but has a small moisture content (MC = 4-6%) or dried. In addition in the form of waste-sawdust shavings also has a low bulk density, at around 150 kg / m3 or about half of sawdust. Densification technology (compaction) suitable for processing the waste. Briquettes and pellets are the two densification technology products are very popular today.
Wood shaving characteristics as mentioned above make some adjustments need to be used directly on the densification technology. The advantage of the dry shaving wood so it does not require longer drying with a dryer (dryer), even as it is too dry so even need water/moisture level is lowered (wetted). While on the other hand because of the small particle size and density, making it hard for densification (compaction) for densification of some densification equipment  that require these materials get into the small diel eg wood pellets or wood briquette type of screw (extruder…