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Bioeconomy Model for Indonesia Part 3

Essential oil is one of Indonesia's mainstay commodities. There are many essential oils that can be produced in Indonesia because of the tropical climate so that there are so many plants that can grow well in Indonesia. There are around 40 essential oils that can be produced in Indonesia. Essential oils are produced by the leaves, flowers, bark and even atsiri plant roots. Essential oils also vary from grass plants, shrubs to woody trees. This makes these plants can be planted anywhere depending on the condition of the land, and the desired essential oil products. And these essential oil plants are only seasonal plants and annual plants. The use of essential oils is also very broad, namely for perfumes, food, insect controllers and pharmaceuticals. In addition, the market potential of essential oils is also still very open. Cajuput oil is an example of essential oils that are very widely used, but many may not know that cajuput oil includes essential oils. Though cajuput oil can …

Wood Pellet Certificate Standards

As a trading commodity that is becoming a world trend, many wood pellet standards are implemented. Basically the wood pellet standard covers only two things, namely quality and sustainability which are mostly related to environmental aspects. Many aspects of quality are related to the technical aspects of the production of wood pellets and also the raw materials used. A number of countries or certain institutions apply the quality aspects that they can receive for these wood pellet products. The application of wood pellet quality standards is also related to the use of wood pellets or more specifically technology or equipment to consume or use wood pellets as fuel. Based on this, usually the market segments are also differentiated, namely for industries and households. The industry segment has its own specifications which are slightly different from households. Some quality standards are widely used today: ENplus, DINplus, PFI, ITEBE, Onorm and CANplus. Following are the quality tabl…

Wisdoms From the Work of Every Prophets & Messengers Who Graze the Sheeps

~ Ibn Hajar rahimahullah said, the ulema said, "The wisdom behind grazing sheeps before the time of prophethood is that they are accustomed to arranging goats which will naturally become accustomed to handling human problems." [Fathu Al Bari 1/144]
The prophets worked as sheeps grazer since they were little, so that they became human herders when they were big. As Moses and Muhammad and the other  prophets , at the beginning of their lives they have succeeded in becoming good sheep herders, in order to take lessons after the successful control of livestock towards the success of taking care of Adam's grandchildren in inviting, repairing and preaching them [1]. In order for the Da'i to succeed in preaching, it is necessary to have knowledge of the importance of sustainability and direct practice.

~ In the work of grazing sheeps, there are lessons to get used to the nature of nurturing and protecting. When they were patient in shepherding and gathering after being sca…