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Hydrothermal Carbonisation (HTC) Technology, Suitable For EFB Ugrading

Various efforts are made to improve the quality of biomass fuel so that it can be used especially on existing power plants. Power plants are the largest users of biomass fuels today as well as one of the main targets for reducing emissions by renewable fuels or carbon neutral fuel. Characteristics of raw materials and power generation technology becomes an important consideration in determining the technology of the fuel production process. The palm oil industry with the number of CPO producers (Palm Oil Mills) amounting to thousands (Indonesia and Malaysia) and the area of ​​oil palm plantations of 12 million hectares in Indonesia as well as 5 million hectares in Malaysia make it a target source of biomass raw materials. In the palm oil industry the amount of biomass produced is much more than oil or CPO as its main product, ie 10% oil and 90% biomass as illustrated below.
After the previous palm kernel shell (PKS) to fuel mainstay and sought for power plants because the properties ar…

Solar PV or Biomass to Energy?

Indonesia is a tropical country with high rainfall, so even though the sun is shining throughout the year, but a lot of cloudy and rainy. This is an important consideration for the priorities and options of renewable energy that will be developed. Based on these conditions, the choice of biomass to energy or bioenergy development is more suitable for Indonesia condition, rather than solar PV. The availability of sunlight and high rainfall makes a variety of plants can grow well and optimally. Meanwhile, if with solar PV then when there is cloudy and rain then the intensity also dropped drastically. An analysis says if there is a cloud over the intensity of solar PV drops to 20% so to maintain the stability of its electricity supply required 5 units of solar PV. Of course it becomes very expensive especially investment for solar PV and more especially in batterai also still expensive for condition today. Solar PV is suitable for conditions with blazing sunlight with relatively stable …

5 The Largest Wood Pellets Producers Today

References are needed to make something no less quality or even better, as well as for a wood pellet production facility. Indonesia with extensive land available,fertile and tropical climate needs to get complete and qualified reference especially on wood pellet production so that they can optimize its potency. Diversification of energy is also desperately needed by Indonesia so that it has strong resilience and energy sovereignty, especially with its current condition which has become a net importer of petroleum, even projected in the range of approximately 10 years future Indonesia's oil will be exhausted. The following description of the 5 largest wood pellet plant today can be used as a reference.
Enviva was established in 2004, currently Enviva operates 7 wood pellet plants with total production of more than 3 million tons / year. Some of its wood pellet production is exported to the UK and Europe. A number of ports are used For shipment or export of wood pellet, ie po…