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Wood Pellet For Green…Green World!

The growth of human consciousness as a result of environmental degradation in the form of climate change and global warming fostered efforts to reduce the magnitude of the environmental damage. Sources cause damage to the environment due to human greed through economic activity to exploit nature excessively. Humans should be the manager of this nature wisely instead of vice versa due to short-term interests and lust. The growing awareness of the need to be maintained and are arranged so that led to concrete efforts. Without clear rules and binding activity of all human beings on earth, the impossible nature of the improvement will be done well.

We are witnessing today a variety of companies that the state wants to be recognized as a company or a country most concerned in environmental issues and  no exception, Indonesia . That way they compete with its Go Green program such as CO2 Reduction and the like. With such recognition generally they wanted a special place among consumers or their partners so that the products or programs they will also readily accepted  these  circles. These activities also generate new economic activity that is the Green Economy. How big is the Green Economy or Green Business this? The answer of course depends on how big the mitigation of climate change and the environment in corporate entities or countries concerned to the global scope.

Wood pellets are a popular solution for mitigation of environmental and climate change issues. Wood pellets from wood biomass is carbon-neutral fuels and renewable energy sources with the requirements of wood biomass as a source of raw material of wood pellets to be undertaken on an ongoing basis and do not damage the environment. Continuous availability of raw materials is one of the key factors of business success of the production of wood pellets, so because of the current limitations of wood pellets is not only but also from agricultural wastes or biomass plantations could be called pellets or agri-wastepellet. Energy planatations with SRC (short rotation  species) is one way to produce wood biomass as a source of raw material of wood pellets faster and be sustainable. Indonesia is huge potential for energy planatation and will be better when integrated with other sectors.


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Assuredness of supply of raw materials is one of the key factors of business success in the wood pellets. There are two ways to obtain raw materials commonly done today: a. Buying from the owner of source of raw materials. b. Producing its own the availability of raw materials. While the 3rd way and there is still few for business owners make wood pellets is by mix way, which is partly provide by their own of raw materials and some rest buy from the other source of raw materials.
While examining at the types of biomass raw materials there are two kinds, namely : a. Woody biomass b. Non-wood biomass such as agricultural wastes (empty fruit bunches of palm oil trees, corn cobs, rice husks and so on). Currently woody biomass remains a priority to be products of wood pellets as a number of advantages over non-wood biomass which is generally an agricultural wastes, are included in the category of biomass pellets or agri-waste pellets. The comparison between wood pellet and biomass pellet …

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In an effort to optimize the full potential of a number of oil companies are planning to process their wastes that resulting from the CPO production process. One of them is empty fruit bunches (EFB).  Two alternatives are being hotly debated is made pellets for energy and for the paper. Viewed from the business side, if it is profitable so is certainly not a problem for the production of both products. Availability of raw materials into one of the important factors in terms of production and business in general.
Further analysis can be done by looking in more detail in the production process technology, the amount of investment, ROI, environmental aspects, sustainability of core business (palm oil) and benefits of the products produced are a number of factors that will make it easier to eventually choose one. Further know more detail about the characteristics of each business such products will also further increase the stability of both products. In the end, the higher score determi…

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Common areas with wood burning application it will be appropriate to use wood briquette and less suitable when using wood pellets. Various areas in various parts of the world use wood for heating (wood burning stove or boiler) or for cooking. If the ratio of wood as fuel is much so the business of  wood briquette production will be more attractive than wood pellets. Globally wood briquette are less popular than wood pellets, so the wood briquette production is also far below the wood pellets. Wood briquette also has its own characteristics compared to wood pellets.

In general, wood briquette production is also much easier than wood pellets. The particle size, raw materials, moisture content and operations slightly more stringent than the requirements for the production of wood pellets. All wood pellets have a cylindrical shape which is only distinguished diameter of the cylinder, and a commonly used the diameter of 6 mm and 8 mm, while the wood briquette in addition to its shape can …