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Become the Major Player of Wood Pellets in Asia and the World

The world production of wood pellets in 2013 amounted to 22 million tons, and by 2024 is projected to be at 50 million tones. The European market for the year is projected to more than 30 million tons and the Asian market is projected to more than 15 million tons. Judging from the global energy mix, fossil fuels still holds the largest share of about 80% in the next 15-20 years, as well as in the national energy mix Indonesia based on PresidentialDecree No. 5 of 2006 on National Energy Policy. Although it is not holding the largest share of renewable energy, particularly biomass showed a significant increase over time. Factors such as the environmental crisis and the energy crisis had been the main thrust of the increase in renewable energy, particularly biomass, which is slowly making history repeat itself.

To be a leader or major player in the wood pellet Asian regional level to the global world, it is not impossible for Indonesia. The grace of Allah SWT be on average 11 hours per day of sun in Indonesia makes plants able to photosynthesize optimally, soil fertility due to weathering of rocks of many volcanoes, and the extent of territory that stretches from Sabang to Merauke is undoubtedly a major force potential. Under these conditions an energy plantation from calliandra can harvest very quickly over a period of less than one year, then can continue to harvest each year from coppice generated.

Sweden since the 1970s have used the energy planatation to supply biomass in large quantities consistently. The era of the 1970s was an era of energy crisis due to OAPEC embargo in the Yom Kippur war, so as countries of the Arab oil producers would not export its oil. This resulted in skyrocketing world oil prices, so that western countries should innovate to meet its energy needs, including the use of biomass massively. A number of countries in Europe followed to make energy plantations and included in other places such as the US, New Zealand and Canada. The rapid rotation strees namely poplar and willow cultivated in energy plantations and harvest on average every four years, or four times longer than Indonesia because the climate is sub-tropical. This is what we in Indonesia with the climatic conditions of the above need to be thankful to Allah SWT.

When the world is still largely rely on wood wastes as raw material for wood pellets, with climatic conditions in Indonesia as described above, the energy plantation will be effective and sustainable. And when eg Indonesia will target a major player wood pellets in the world with 50% of world production in 2024 (25 million tonnes / year) means it takes land approximately only 170 thousand ha, it is still much smaller than the land used for oil palm plantations today , which is about 11 million ha. The quality of land needed also unnecessary as well as oil palm plantations, even sloping land or in the form of the slope will be very good for calliandra tree. This is because calliandra very anti to waterlogging. If the plant capacity of wood pellets made of 100,000 tons / year (20 tons / hour) means it takes 250 units wood pellet plant or if the capacity of the plant made 50,000 tons / year (10 tons / hour) means it takes 500 units of wood pellet factory and so on.

Another advantage is calliandra able to control the growth of weeds like kirinyuh. Profits will be optimized by integrating with breeding goats or cows, so the import of meat can also be reduced. The leaves of the plant calliandra for the animal feed, while dung as fertilizer for calliandra plantation. If the number of animals very much so the biogas plant may be made and as a source of additional energy in the wood pellet mill.

Once paddle the two birds so the saying goes. The destruction of tropical forests in various regions turned out to be continued without can be controlled. Allegedly every second there is deforestation of tropical area of a football field, so that every year take place opening of tropical forests around 150,000 square kilometers (15 million ha). Disaster due to human greed in the form of floods, landslides, expansion of the desert and so as a result of forest destruction above. Rehabilitation well as land reclamation is needed for the improvement of environmental conditions so that a disaster could have been avoided, as well as the production of wood pellets as a source of renewable energy from biomass are the most widely produced today. With the improvement of soil fertility using the calliandra plants then in less than 5 years, which was originally barren land can be used for various agricultural activities. In an average period of 10 years, the springs are also very likely to occur in forested areas and the arrangement of these ecosystems. When the springs appeared the agriculture and forestry sectors could be growing, including the processing industry.

Certainly not the mild efforts to achieve this goal. Institutional arrangement, planting understanding of the sustainability of plantation / forest to the actors of business and government, expertise in the form of skill to the production and provision of adequate infrastructure is a challenge that must be overcome to achieve the above targets. The target will be achieved if all parties can be synchronized to achieve that goal. Again not too late, just a willingness to begin.


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