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Sawdust Charcoal Briquette and Sheep Consumption In Saudi Arabia and the Middle East

Consumption of lamb, especially in Saudi Arabia each year ranges from 8 million, with a quarter in the Hajj season. Countries exporting sheep to Saudi Arabia today is mainly of three African countries, namely Somalia, Sudan and Djibouti.Countries in Africa is dry and less fertile than Indonesia, but with the way the sheep are grazing in pastures that are available, made of sheep production is abundant there. Indonesia with fertility and breadth of the land is appropriate overlay could become the country's largest exporter of sheep. By improving the effectiveness and efficiency of land as well as the most important mindset that enormous potential of Indonesia that supports this direction then God willing, it becomes very likely to be realized.
Grilled lamb chops with favorite foods are processed in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Need of  sawdust charcoal briquette  continue jump to increase as the high consumption of lamb in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. Most of the needs o…

When the "Raw" Bioenergy Only "Removed" and Bring Annual Disaster: An Idea as a Solution to the Problem of Forest Fires in Indonesia

Forest fires do not only become an environmental disaster but it has been a humanitarian catastrophe resulted in a number of casualties. The parties deliberately uncontrolled forest fires have exacerbated the disaster. Hundreds thousands of hectares to millions of hectares of forest burned annually, that means the equivalent of millions to billions of tons of biomass simply vanished due to burning vain. Though millions of tons up to billions of tons of biomass has the potential raw material for a variety of renewable energy, or bioenergy. With the amount of biomass only Indonesia could become a world major player of renewable energy, especially wood pellets. Strangely the incident occurred routine or repeated every year and there is no perfect solution to overcome it. While the rainy season some burnt forest areas are also experiencing floods even landslides, so complete has been suffering every year and repeated from time to time. Of course it can not be tolerated, and immediately o…