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Industrial Plantation Forest and Wood Pellet

The potential extent of land and tropical climate conditions should always be grateful for us. Grateful for the blessings of Allah SWT this one by not destroying it and utilize to meet the needs of human life and maintain its sustainability. The extent of industrial plantation forest that has not been managed optimally makes the benefits and sustainability is also less than optimal. Though there are many benefits if the maximum management and not only economic benefits but also the environmental benefits are priceless. Allowing unoccupied land to leave anything is just degraded, barren and desertifying. Whereas the human need for food, energy and water always increases with the increasing number of people. Food, energy and water is the essential human material needs so that he/she can survive and give birth to the next generation. One scenario to get the food, energy and water is 5F project for the world!. The production or development of the energy from trees is also in accordance with the instructions of the Qur'an.

Moratorium of Palm Oil
The bustling palm oil moratorium today, although officially not yet enacted is the right moment to consider energy plantation. Judging from the capital or investment of oil palm business also requires a large capital, besides the problem of plantation maintenance and land quality also become important factors and high cost also. Energy plantation with leguminoceae crops such as calliandra and gliricidae sepium, require only simple and inexpensive maintenance. Moreover, it only takes about 1 year to be harvested wood and can be harvested continuously every year without replanting. Leguminoceae is a pioneer species that is able to fertilize the soil with a symbiotic nitrogen-binding bacterium at its roots. In contrast to palm trees that require high maintenance and fertilizer costs, leguminoceae is the opposite. Palm trees also require a lot of water, this is also the opposite of leguminoceae. Energy plantation such as calliandra also provide important benefits of maintaining the fulfillment of food, energy and water. Comparison between the two can also be read here.

Sovereignty and Energy Producer
It must be acknowledged that Indonesia is no longer a petroleum exporter and therefore no longer a member of OPEC but as an importer country increasingly growing to meet domestic demand. While energy demand is increasing day by day due to population growth. The higher the dependence on imported fuel is the less Indonesia's sovereign in the energy sector. Even energy is an important and vital sector for the sovereignty of one country so the policy instruments that govern it are also not simple. On the other hand when in fact open big opportunities for sovereign to the energy sector one of them with energy plantation, that is by utilizing millions hectares of land that is currently not yet or not utilized. In addition to sovereign from the energy sector, a further vision of becoming an energy producer that supplies energy needs, especially renewable energy to various parts of the world. With the vast potential of the land is not impossible Indonesia became the largest producer of renewable energy from the biomass especially wood pellets. Although the government projection only targeted 17% renewable energy in 2025 through the national energy policy through Presidential Regulation no. 5 of 2006.

There are a number of real advantages to be gained from energy plantation in the form of economic benefits as well as environmental benefits, as can be read here. Production and use of wood pellets as well. A simple schematic or diagram of wood pellet production from calliandra energy plantation can be read here.


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