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5F Project For The World!

At least there 7F which became an essential material needs of the people throughout the world, namely Food, Fuel, Fiber, Fodder, Feedstock, Fertilizer, and Favor. 7F became the theme of a variety of warm conversation around the world today to be pursued to find a variety of scenarios to solve the problems associated 7F. The problem of food for example, according to WHO, nearly 1/3 of the world's population or approximately 2 billion people suffer from hunger, even in the FAO country report headline sharper again, that there are 60 million people "... go bed hungry every night ..." in Southeast Asia and almost a third in Indonesia or nearly 20 million people, this is certainly a serious problem to be solved immediately. The complex issue because it involves multidimensional human life.

In this paper, at least I offer scenarios 5F namely fuel (energy), Food, Fodder (forage), Fiber (clothing) and Fertilizer to optimize the potential of land or land available in Indonesia and hopefully can implemented in the near future. In Indonesia a lot of common soilwere damaged or barren, arid even die and some have even begun to happen desertification of not utilized properly. Soil barren damaged or even die must be repaired first if people want to get the food from it. Then how to improve even revive the dead land? Allah SWT gave instructions in the Qur'an : Yaasiin (36): 33, which revive the dead land with use leguminocea plants, it turned out to be in line and supported by numerous scientific studies and has been tested in the fields. Then in the Qur'an :Yaasiin (36): 80 Allah SWT also mentioned energy source from green trees, it is reinforcing the wood of a kind of green plants such as Calliandra species as an energy source for wood pellets production.
There are so many types of plants this legumiceae, ie more than 19,000 species and should be selected which are most suitable according to the characteristics of the area and the specific objectives to be achieved. When the plants grown in dead soil, leguminocea plants then with the rain water will grow and further bind nitrogen (N) from the air and stored in a nitrogen nodules of these plants that enrich the soil as it becomes fertilizer. Calliandra is just one example of the Leguminoceae plants. When soil was broken even been dying to be repaired and able to produce 5F (Fuel, Food, Fodder, Fiber and Fertilizer) above, the calliandra could be one option. Calliandra crop rotation is fast, ie within one year can be harvested and can grow from the its shoots up for decades so it does not need to be replanted every year.

When planting calliandra then the place for sheep grazing with eat the grass on the sidelines calliandra plants, and wood of Calliandra are used for the production of wood pellets (fuel), and the leaves of calliandra plants are used to feed cattle, cows dung used for biogas production, residual biogas production will be organic fertilizer, and feathers sheep into textile materials that are expensive. Calliandra plantation would also be fertile because the sheep are dropping feces and urines into fertilizer at the plantation. Sheep manures are very good fertilizer, following chemical composition: Nitrogen (N) 2.03%; Phosphorous (P) 1.42%; Potassium (K) 1.61%; Calcium (Ca) 2.45%; Magnesium (Mg) 0.62%; Manganese (Mn) of 0.49%; Iron (Fe) 2.19%; Copper (Cu) and 0.02% Zinc (Zn) 12:22%. Thus the enrichment of the soil in addition to bind nitrogen by the roots of calliandra tress will also be accelerated with sheep drop the dungs on it. And each of at least 6 months fleece the sheep are sheared fleece that will be generated as a textile material. In wood harvesting, the leaves caliandra collected to feed the cows, when the leaves remaining much then can be processed further as fermentation so as to spare the future when the supply of food from the plantation can be disrupted or can be commercialized. The woods is then further processed into wood pellets. Wood pellets have a large market share as a fuel or energy. From the environmental aspects of the carbon balance will also give the best effect for the environment because fuel biomass is carbon-neutral fuels.

Calliandra cropping pattern that is generally 1 x 1m, so that enough space including for sheep grazing, or type of pasture are precision grazing. Land to pasture, the sheep in the calliandra plantation insulated to a certain extent depend on topography factors , roads access, woods harvest rotation system and the best grazing radius. For thousands of hectares of land could be made a lot of posts or units to take the sheep grazing. The above pattern will make the soil or land becomes very productive, and certainly if there are many people who do well then crises will be inevitable human needs, let alone there are millions of hectares of land or land in Indonesia abandoned. Sheep as well as the cows will be marketed to those in need both domestically and abroad. Saudi Arabia for example require 8 million sheep, and ¼ of its needs in the Hajj season. Besides freighter sheep graziers will come to them when they are able to provide 20,000 head each delivery (shipment).

So how after the soil fertile? Of course it could be used for a variety of trees more profitable as fruit trees and so forth. Calliandra trees can be harvested well for more than 20 years in every year and without the need for replanting every year. We take 15 years for example, then during the same line with lifetime machines of wood pellet plant in general. Thus practically at that time continued to productive land with a variety of crops with good management and sustainable. If after that too continue with calliandra tress to be used also the result will be the maximum that's because the good management. Calliandra plants is a pioneer or pioneer plant species so it is suitable for soil improvement that damaged or die.
That Muslims should also syirkah (cooperation) in the management of land (grassland or sources of food, water and fire (energy source), it is clear the the direction of the Prophet Muhammad: "The Muslims were syirkah (cooperation) in three ways, in terms of pasture, water and fire "(HR. Sunan Abu Daud). Water management is always in need of land, the trees need land for a place to grow so that it can help absorb water, water source (spring) emergence of surface soil, then to be able to manage our water must also have access to land management. What are the consequences if we do not want syirkah (cooperation)? Sources of livelihood are our primary form of food, water and energy will be managed by others and people become dependent on the fulfillment of the primary needs. When we are not self-sufficient in terms of basic needs, we can easily be misled in a variety of other matters..


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