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Finding The Best Treasure From Energy Plantation Implementation Part 5

"It is He Who has brought down the rain from the sky for you, some of it has become a drink and some of it has grown up, the plants which are in your place of grazing your cattle. "(Qur'an 16:10)

"Eat and graze your animals. Verily in this, there are signs of the power of Allah for those who understand. "(Qur'an, 20:54)
There is a very positive correlation between manure organic fertilizer with crop productivity. When farms are integrated with agriculture and forestry, there will be a closed cycle of fertilizer fulfillment and crop productivity. And vice versa. If fertilizers, especially organic fertilizers, cannot be met, then inorganic fertilizers, namely chemical fertilizers, will replace them. Whereas by making the closed cycle, it will eliminate the need for inorganic fertilizers or chemical fertilizers. In addition to increasing costs, the use of chemical fertilizers also damage or poison agricultural land. Integration of livestock with forestry, as well as with agriculture at present, have generally been damaged and cut off so that the consequence of dependence on chemical fertilizers is high. Agroforestry and animal husbandry, especially sheep grazing, should be developed, so that the business will be optimal, environmentally friendly and sustainable.

In the implementation technically in energy plantation, the sheep can be grazed directly in the plantation, but by observing the age of the energy plantation trees, the practice is made in rotation. When the energy plantation trees are large enough, then the sheep can be released and grazed in the area, but when the energy plantation trees are still small, the sheep cannot be grazed in the area, because it will damage the growth of the trees . The second technique is to make a sheep colony between or in the middle of the energy plantation. In addition to the sheep colony area, there is also a grazing area for sheep. The grazing is also made rotation according to the availability of grass or sheep feed. The portion of grass from grazing can be made with a ratio of 50:50 with forage, energy plantation waste. All breeders also know, especially sheep farmers, that the feed can be said to be the main component of the livestock business costs. So if the feed can be made as cheap as possible, then automatically profit margin is also high. Imagine if sheep feed had to be imported and expensive, even though the land to graze or grow grass was very broad, this would be foolishness. Forage quality in the form of grasses and leaves is the best feed. The protein content of leguminoceae leaves in the energy plantation is also high, thus producing high quality feed and conversion to lamb meat will also be high.

Grass can grow almost anywhere in Indonesia, because it has a tropical climate and fertile soil. We do not need to bother planting these grasses, even in many cases cleaning the grass is a problem. In dry countries like Egypt to get grass, farmers need to plant and care for them. We should be grateful to Allah SWT for these favors. In large-scale energy plantation and sheep farming, irrigation is a very important factor. Allah Almighty created the living from water. The grass will also dry it and die when there is no water, as well as the energy plantation trees - even though these types of trees are very efficient in water use.
Kitab Al Filaha, the Book of Phenomenal Agriculture in the Age of the Umayyad Caliphate in Andalusia Who Becomes European Referral For Centuries.

A good irrigation system must be built in the area and that is not a difficult job. In the Umayyad Caliphate in Andalusia the waterways were built even from distant and mountainous sources, to meet the water needs of the city, including their agriculture and livestock. Rainfall in Andalusia (Spain today) is also low namely 640 mm / year, while Indonesia averages 2700 mm / year but their agriculture and livestock are very advanced, even becoming a European reference for centuries after. Islamic civilization in Andalusia is not only the beauty of the building of its mosque, palace, urban spatial planning, science, but also its economy and prosperity, namely the fulfillment of its food from their agriculture and livestock. History is always repetitive, and we can work on it by studying the Islamic civilization and knowing what factors support it. Whereas in the contemporary era, we can see that the Netherlands with its irrigation network has been able to boost its bioeconomics, both in the food, energy and material sectors. Bioeconomics is based on animals and plants as objects, which Allah created from water: "... And from the water We make all things alive. Why then do they not believe? "(Qur'an 21: 30), so that fulfilling water needs will optimize its growth. There is no life without water. Bioeconomics in Europe aims to drive the economy by € 2 trillion (around 34,000 trillion rupiah or around 17 times the Indonesian state budget) by absorbing 20 million workers.
Sheep Transport Ship With a Capacity of Up to 40,000 Sheep / Shipment

Then how is the lamb meat market? Currently the largest sheep market is Saudi Arabia, with an estimated 8 million head / year or a quarter (2 million head) in the Haj season. While for the domestic market the demand is not large, except for Idhul Adha. How to increase the consumption of lamb? To accelerate the increase in lamb meat, humanitarian agencies can work with the sheep farm. Innovation can be made by the way the lamb meat is cooked and then canned so that long lasting. Ready-to-eat food products that were canned before also have been circulating in the market such as the  gudeg, rendang, green lombok soup and so on, so that it is also possible for processed lamb meat like tongseng, gule and satay. At present if humanitarian agencies donate food to our brothers and sisters victims of conflict areas such as Palestine, Syria, Afghanistan and Rohingnya, then canned meat of sheep should be part of the package. Don't prioritize instant noodles, which are imported raw materials and very few importers (monopoly / oligopoly). In addition, ready-to-eat canned lamb is also marketed at domestic outlets so that the interest in consumption of lamb meat continues to increase, especially among the majority of Muslims in this country.
In addition agroforestry productivity increase with the quality, other industrial sectors that benefit from the development of sheep farming are the leather industry and the textile industry. Sheep slaughtered in Indonesia, the skin and fur will become the raw material for the leather industry and textile industry. Jackets, wallets, and bags are some of the products of the sheep skin-based leather industry. Furthermore, wool yarn which has been mostly imported, can be reduced or even eliminated by massive sheep farms and energy plantations. How beautiful if the Prophet's sunnah can be implemented, especially other plantations such as 12 million hectares of oil palm plantations; coconut 3.7 million hectares; 3.4 million hectares of rubber and so on are very potential for the sheep farm business. When faith in piety is increasingly implemented in everyday life so that bank interest rates can be eliminated or 0%, then wealth becomes a blessing, passion for business and greater competitiveness and innovative concepts for good can be realized immediately. And when the economy is controlled and driven by good people, goodness will be widespread in various parts of the world. Insha Allah.


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