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Finding The Best Treasure From Energy Plantation Implementation Part 3

"He created you from the one self then He made it out of his wife and He sent for you eight pairs of pets of cattle ...." (QS 39: 6)

In another verse (QS 6: 143-144), eight animals in pairs (4 pairs) are two (one pair) sheep, a pair of goats, a pair of camels and a pair of cows.

Of the series of livestock mentioned in the above verses, the sheep is called first, then goat, camel and cow. Rule in the Qur'an, the first thing has a primacy rather than after it. Well, this is where sheep have a virtue compared to the other levestock animals mentioned in the verse, although all the animals are halal meat eaten. Another indication of the primacy of the sheep can also be found in Eid al-Adha event, when the Prophet Ibrahim was ordered by Allah SWT to slaughter his son Ismail, then Allah SWT saved Ismail and replaced it with the big lamb (sheep). The event then we commemorate every year and become the shari'a of Qurban on Idhul Adha day every 10 Dzulhijah. 
On the practical side and scientific studies of sheep also demonstrate its superiority. Based on some researches those are said that sheep are much smarter than goats. The sheep only lose from chimpanzees, elephants and dolphins. If we have seen the action of chimpanzees, elephants and dolphins with intelligence. But how does sheep act with her intelligence? The meaning of intelligence for sheep certainly does not mean solving math problems, physics, chemistry, those complicated but just remember specific tasks or signs. It is said that sheep are the best animals of memory, he can remember the face of his shepherd, remember the path back to the stable, remember who leads his journey and even remember where the limits are permissible and not, the boundaries of the territory that may pass and not. With enough practice the sheep will be able to do these tasks well. This is especially useful for planned grazing, such as precision grazing, as in 5F projects for the world! 

Sheep grazing in energy plantations can be adapted to the rotation of the woody biomass harvest. When the trees are large enough or near the age of harvest, the sheep can be grazed in the area. The sheep will eat the grass under the trees, and do not eat the leaves of the trees because it is high enough. When the trees are harvested then new shoots will appear from the base of the trees. Under these conditions sheep groups can not be grazed in this area as it will damage the trees. The grazed will move around and adjust the rotation of the energy plantation harvest. The sheep's intelligence to remember specific signs will facilitate the grazing, so the boundaries can be marked with a particular symbol.


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